Collection: Part 1

Part 1 Reflection

Material news THUR 10/11/16

Developing from the idea of temporary and infinity. I decided to use printed diamond patterns as a metaphoric element, because diamonds meant to be timeless however it is only printed on paper, it became a realistic material that will soon decay away. When I look at the pattern of diamonds, they appears abstract when I look close up, they consist of geometric shapes, some just with pure colours like white, some has variety and also patterns. Although they are clear but infinity reflections makes them seem it has no end. I guess it would be fun to paint diamonds, Kurt Pio did a series of painting of diamonds and they look realistic on the wall, it is fascinating that from a short distance it reads totally different.

I made a collage of diamonds on a gold plastic plate, it is not very ideal because I was planning to make it like a kaleidoscope, grand like a ceremony, but I ran out of time :( Then I put texts such as Tonight, Today, Now and 2016 around the edge of the plate. I then placed an sandwich made from marshmallows on the plate, and put the word TIME on top. All the materials are cheap which is in the purpose of giving a sense of fast consumption and things that are unimportant that can be replaced easily. I liked the colour of the whole piece, it is busy and unsettled. The sculpture is not aesthetic because I didn't give much time making it, but the fast process of making is about the concept of fast consuming product. The marshmallow sandwich seems very unreal to me, it is funny the way it looks, it's colour and shape, also how people consume it. I also added decorations buy using cheap stickers, it is kitsch, but they fits the theme.

Most of people think my work is about celebrities. Probably because they see shimmering diamonds on a plate with a pink sandwich. It make sense because the appearance is stunning but the real objects are pathetic. But could the concept of celebrity explain the word Time, it reminds me of the fast pace social network age, but not really. To enhance my sculpture, I guess I should spend time to design a pattern using cutouts of diamonds, also enlarge the scale and place the sculpture on wall. It kinds of reminds me of Damien Hirst's painting, the idea overlaps slightly. Overall I quite like the concept of the temporary and the infinity time, it also contains personal feelings toward the modern world.


Material news TUE 8/11/16

From skimming through newspapers, I am attracted by pictures of advertisements and it's content. As well as thousands of figures and statistics on for example on business and economics sections. What does these figures mean to us, they fluctuate everyday every second. Our daily life is inundated with digital information, but surely there are some information that has meaning to us, but majority doesn't, however they are influential, it is just we don't see them.

I found words that constantly appear on newspapers, such as now, free, today, tonight... this reminds me of Doug Aitken's sculptures, I think they are reflections of the contemporary world around us, it's iconic as in it reads directly. It gives a new vision through the sculptured words, the photographs and materials are spatial and nearly timeless. It is sort of like snapshots of modern/digital age.

The word 'now' appears on some pages of Evening Standard every single day, I am also imagining the word been printed out on the production line, continuously. It is ironic that the instant has been artificially produced to be timeless.


Re-edit MON 31/10/16

This video editing project is about reassemble the already-made into a new form that depends on the manipulations from the artist. As for the process of editing, I was inspired by Ricard Serra's verb list, gestures such as to stretch, to remove, to arrange, to erase... they are verbs that describes physical actions however in films and video they can be the gestures of editing process. It can create an illusion of time for example by changing time duration, such as '24hours psycho'. Sequences of information can be rearranged so that audiences receives a whole new meaning from what they have seen. Whichever way the video is re-edited it is always thought provoking because as we watching them we are driven away from the daily based reality, and the videos are fragments of reality that have been reassembled. Overall through seeing our perspective changes against the real world that we are experiencing now.

Elizabeth Price is also an video artist I like, I have seen her work 'sleep' in Modern Art Oxford. The video gives me an very intense feeling, the artificial sounds, the constantly changing of static images and the text along with audios of human voices. It nearly felt like an intense dream with non-stopping information and sounds appearing. I like the idea of text applied on an image as it gives multiple perception to audiences, I guess it is sort of an reminder also to simulate our existed perception of an image or word.



Week5 (Thur) GCD

Started with the letter 'A', today we were inventing our own typography. The design process started on a 1/16 A4 size paper, only cutting, folding, tearing and creasing are the approaches that are allowed. This allows us to discover possible new outcomes. For example by experimenting folding paper it creates shadow; tearing can changes texture of paper. After playing around with cutting paper, I decided to move forward with the design that involves dynamic lines and geometric shapes. This typography design reminds me of Kandinsky's paintings, "he sought to convey profound spirituality and the depth of human emotions through a universal visual language of abstract forms and colours that transcended cultural and physical boundaries."

I used majority curvature lines as the body of letters, as well as bold rectangle shapes. Decorated by thin straight lines, and tiny circles and squares. I like the simplicity of the form of those letters. In terms of placing lines and geometric shapes, the composition is purposely designed to be balanced, yet every letter looks lively with the distanced position of its content. I gave the name 'swing' of my typography. As it reminds me the perception of Jazz music, the character of letter also gives a swinging, dynamic feeling.


Week5 (Tue) GCD

Today we looked into the 'missing letter', using screen printing as the main method. There are 2 colours for screen printing, and it is still tricky because I have to think in a inverse way, as the cut out parts are going to be printed on colour.

For letter 'F', I used negative spaces to set off the outline and form. I also added rectangular geometric shapes as buildings on the background; decorated patterns such tiny black squares as windows; and stars and moons in the night sky. For the story board, the black dots change position in each roll to create a flashing effect; in the background the moon is waking up, yawning and breathing out the clouds. Quite a romantic dream like story.

Overall, creating a story board requires advance planning, in terms of sequences of every changing content. Because in the end the story board will be played as a video of moving images therefore the whole story has to be followed in a time sequence. I drawn out some sketches before creating the story board which I found helpful. I think my outcome can be more ambitious, which can be achieved by adding elements such as light and shadow in a 2D form, or even words and bigger changes in the whole composition, also adding background music will give a special perception effect.

Download POPE6554.mp4 [0.93MB]

Week5 (Mon) GCD

Today we were looking at examples of graphic communication designs. Our task is using 2 random chosen words and try to present it's underlying meaning in a visual format.

'Environmental text' is our motif. In the group we came up with ideas such as recording noises from surroundings; overlaying texts on photos to redefine its meaning. At last I decided to use commercial labels as the main object. I experimented this idea by layering the letters also substitute commercial labels on other products in order to give it a new identity. Commercial signs reminds me the most of our daily life surroundings, which also associated with the word 'text.

I played around with double imaging photographs of commercial logos, such as Coca Cola and vodka. The double image gives a strong visual impact, because those brands' name are so life-associated/typical that we read them without intentionally processing the information we are looking at.

This reminds me Robert Cottingham's photo-realistic paintings, they give an illusion of photographic characters, from clear diversion of colours and straight/geometric lines. Another photo-realist called Ralph Goings, he said "My paintings are about light, about the way things look in their environment and especially about how things look painted. Form, colour and space are at the whim of reality, their discovery and organization is the assignment of the realist painter."

I think I could refer his idea in my fine art 'collection' project. Because most of the photos I have gathered contains light as major element. Also I guess painting in a realistic style suits my idea, as I want to hide my personal emotions from the photos.


Week3 Fashion

    Thursday was packed with intensive activities with various approaches of drawing. In the morning session students from every group contributed modelling with textiles dressing on them in different creative combinations. In the drawing process, we were challenged by drawing on both page of our A3 skectbook, this allows our arms even the whole body involving in a more dynamic process, and the size of paper shouldn't limit our acts from what we see.

    Drawing outline of the human figure let us concentrate on the 'looking' process, which I believe is so essential, this enables us to capture the subtle variation of flowing lines, outside and inside the figure.

    In the afternoon we continued this drawing activity as a group working together on a larger scale. I found this coordination harder than working individually, because I have to follow other's perspectives whilst looking at the model and draw it in my own way. However the outcome give a strong visual impact surprisingly. I like the idea of using bright orange and purple coloured paper as negative spaces also highlights. Overall these activities really encouraged me to work on a bigger scale as it provides me a totally different experience in movement and way of thinking while I am drawing.

    Although this is my first day of Fashion and textile. I think I can develop my work from using more mediums and materials, because they create different textures and perceptions which can affect / influence the way I see. It is also important to look at examples of fashion illustrations and photographs, maturity works always give me a deeper insight into the subject.



Altered space MON 7/11/16

I first started with selecting photos and pictures I like that gives a sense of space. Then collaged them. I got a template for my painting. The light bulbs look like full moons in the sky, with residential houses juxtaposed underneath, gives the collage picture a surreal feeling. Those photos were taken at night times which lighting is relatively poor, however the low brightness brings out the possibilities of colours of paints that I can apply on. I then experimented with abstract marks on top. Adrian Ghenie's paintings have full of expressive marks yet the main contents in his painting are still remaining their forms. I like the idea of abstraction gives a painting ambiguity, of space, of feelings.

The moon in Sam Knowles's painting has an unusual size, with realistic landscapes around, the glowing moon distorts reality and gives the painting a frictional effect. Light is pervasive and intangible, it is fascinating. An object can give out light, absorbs light, reflect and refract. So does space. It is abstract and uncertain.

More painting process in Moving image Page

painting experiments/process


Re-edit TUE 1/11/16

We first started by finding videos online and download them. I filtered videos by only choosing themes such as animation, science, advertisement, children... I have used some of the techniques that inspired by Richard Serra's verb list, such as cutting videos into fragments, reversing time, slowing down/speeding up... after a while I realized that majority of videos I edited have a sense of weight or gravity or motion, for example diving, driving, flying, running, falling... it is interesting that these verbs reminds me of Richard Serra's verb list. The dynamism of motion creates a dream like effect, especially when I reverse time duration, for example a person diving into a swimming pool becomes him flying out of the water.

Apart from the motion of video, the visual images also gives an illusion of time. Such as using animations like Alice in Wonderland, using films produced in different time period, there are also mixtures of black and white and coloured films. The first half of video looks more successful, as the video flows more smoothly in terms of the connectivity between each small part of the video, even though these videos are completely different however the focus point, or the main object are connected well between each change of scene.

As for adding subtitles, I was influenced by Elizebeth Price (please see last reflection Re-edit MON) also a short film from Gucci Fall Winter 2016 Campaign. In the campaign video has no human voices but only background music, the subtitles are basically visualising the background noises, for example [shimmering electronic tones], [wild ringing and hammering], [colliding conversations]… I just thought the pictures look beautiful with those cadmium yellow subtitles drifting under the screen. It's a subtle and aesthetic way of introducing the white noises from surroundings. I therefore took actions of adding subtitles on my film, but not in the exact concept. I only added a single word on each scene, so it is more like a person who is talking slowly through out the film. Those words are simple yet sentimental, some of them connected to a sentence, some of them don't.

I think overall I wanted to achieve a nostalgia effect, by putting a series of videos of loss of gravity, with easy and cartoonic content, with 'myself' speaking softly in the background, through words but not actual voice. I personally think the video didn't evoke much emotions, probably because the context I was unfamiliar with, the video can be improved by using videos from for example films or books I used to read when I was little, it gives a culture background which I think it's important, also when it gets a bit more personal the concept and be easier to understand.


Link to video, please click re-edit video Dropbox



Week6 (Thur) 3DDA

Architecture and spacial design is what we looked at on Thursday. We were given bamboo sticks with equal length to try to build two architectural structures, and combine them together as one individual. In our group we first built an icosahedron, which is a 3D structure with 20 isosceles triangles. Then we built an similar structure but substituted some triangle with square faces. The second model end up to be unstable, in the end we put the first model on top of the second one. Surprisingly it gives a character of realistic architectural style, probably because of the structure gives a sense of gravity, as it has a wide base and a regular spacial centre. Later on we covered some faces of the model with sugar paper. Thinking practically about the structure we imagined the model as a music theater, we took action by covering the surfaces on the 2 sides of the theater, and left the open space run through the mid-line of the architecture, so that sunlight can shine in, creating an effect of large open space engaging with the environment.


Week6 (Tue) 3DDA

Evaluating and designing chairs from our own observations. By looking at people's behavior and interaction, we can spot the purpose of the chair design, as well as potential problems within the design. 

I went to Kings Cross station to observe public and open spaces, and found out that outdoor sitting areas are usually combined with plantation, the form usually echos with its surrounded environment and architectures. My design is based on observations of the way people sit on a chair, I realised that people's lower back is usually not touching the chair. Therefore I added a small curve on the back of the chair to support human spine. I also designed the legs of the chair to follow the curvature, as it sames both spaces and materials.


Week6 (Mon) 3DDA

Today we looked at examples of making and wearing jewelries, we were asked to explore how to locate objects on the body. By looking at designers' works. Physical and sentimental sensations; narratives and cultures are examples of influences and inspirations of jewelry design. There are lots of possible ways of wearing, and we were investigating 3 aspects : surround, support and suspend

My idea came from the articulations of the human skeleton as well as the curvature lines of muscle. I found aesthetic in the dynamism of connections between bones and fleshes. I was also thinking about possibilities of personalised jewelry. Inspired by henna and tattoo culture, making marks on hands can be a part of the wearing process. My design includes a ring attached with bracelet. (It will be more ideal to use heavier materials such as bronze or silver.) The design of attaching 2 pieces of jeweries is conveying the idea of flowing lines of the human body. I also experimented graphically with patterns such as anatomical structures, as well as abstract form of shapes and lines.


Week4 (Thur) Fine art

My collection includes 3 collaged photographs with a mini binded book. They are all in a motif of emptiness in daily life. The 3 photos are collages with 2 layers. The concept and composition of the combined photos echo with each other. 


(afternoon crit) 

what I found inspiring was, before I explain my project to the group members, I ask about their opinions first. And I am so surprised about the connection between other's understanding and my own interpretation. I felt that their comments echo my thoughts but at the same time their thoughts are so unique from my perspective. This learning experience is so inspiring that I might find out more about e.g. public art or art works that interact with audiences in terms of thoughts provocation. 

The photos includes self cooked dishes, snapshots of street views, and places I have visited. I am the only person who involved in these events, which in a sense those photos gives a void perception as well as strong and mixed personal emotions. 

The way I combined the photos is via moving the upper layer until I found a composition that  2 pictures look like an individual. The concepts and composition of each photo is subtly connected, the aesthetic judgement includes colour and sensation of the pictures

I have been experimenting with other approaches such as making videos and presenting photos individually in a small sized; documentary style. However I found that the overlaying method gives a narrative effect, also a more sophisticated personal feeling. 

As for the binded book, it is made of supermarket receipts I collected. The items on the receipts are all groceries and food that so common and uninteresting. However stitching the pages makes its value distinctive. 

Stitching, for me, it's a way of recording time and emotions. The process is visually and physically exquisite, and the action involves so much concentration, which in the end it leaves beautiful manmade marks and textures. 

I guess the who project is filled with full of sophisticated and void sensation. Am I recording memories? I think time is more appropriate to the idea. There is not much meaning to convey to the audience, in a way, it is not the purpose. I guess audiences would read my collection/photos more like watching my everydays life, there's nothing special about it, it is just myself.


Week4 (Tue) Fine art

Methodology: A system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity.

From memory, history events, surroundings, time, metropolitan environment...

In the form of painting, sculpture (using materials from the events), photography, the process/action...

For my personal project, methodology that I could use can possibly be: continue taking photographs; record sounds from environment; combine photos into a video...


Week4 (Mon) Fine art

Collection, as a theme of fine art. A sense of possessing, as well as a repeated pattern of thoughts that convinces the motif. Artists like Joseph Cornell and Martin Parr, have very distinctive way of showing their idea of 'collection'. My initial idea of this project would be in the theme of : emptiness in daily life. I have been collecting photos since I came to CSM, a self catered life style makes a contrast living experience in the previous years. Those photos captured the moments that gives me an empty sensation. Overall, things that are so light, temporary, not important; a glance. Emotions are subtlety buried inside the photos.



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